Alternatives to Mouse Trainer

Alternatives to Mouse Trainer
  • Google Earth Pro
    Google Earth Pro

    Powerful mapping and exploring software that includes expanded features

    Free In English
  • SPSS 26
    SPSS 26

    One of the best data and research management tools available

    Trial version In English
  • Uconeer - Units Conversion for Engineers 3.4
    Uconeer - Units Conversion for Engineers 3.4

    Professional units conversion for engineers. 450 units in 48 categories

    Free In English
  • GCompris 15.10
    GCompris 15.10

    A wide array of different activities and games for younger children from 2 to 10

    Trial version In English
  • Minecraft Education Edition Preview
    Minecraft Education Edition Preview

    A Minecraft modification that teaches players team work and problem solving through a fun and engaging environment

    Full Version In English
  • Google Earth
    Google Earth

    Fully featured interactive globe with large multimedia database

    Free In English
  • Scratch 2 Offline Editor 450
    Scratch 2 Offline Editor 450

    Kids play games and use animation tools

    Free In English
  • Absolute Pitch Trainer 1.0.1
    Absolute Pitch Trainer 1.0.1

    Absolute Pitch Trainer is software that is designed to help develop the skill of Absolute Pitch

    Free to Try In English
  • GTASA Crazy Trainer 2.0
    GTASA Crazy Trainer 2.0

    Excellent mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas equipped with hotkeys for instant cheat codes

    Free In English
  • Microsoft Mouse Mischief 1.0.1443
    Microsoft Mouse Mischief 1.0.1443

    Make group discussions a lot more interactive with this fun and free Windows Vista program

    Free In English
  • Move Mouse 3.4.1
    Move Mouse 3.4.1

    A free software program that allows you to keep your mouse moving to automate processes

    Free In English
  • Remote Mouse 2.53
    Remote Mouse 2.53

    Turn your smartphone into a fully functioning mouse for your PC with this innovative program

    Free In English
  • Typing Trainer 8
    Typing Trainer 8

    A free typing trainer for Windows users that trains the beginner to type

    Free In English
  • X-Mouse Button Control 2.18.8
    X-Mouse Button Control 2.18.8

    A program that allows a high degree of customization for your mouse functions

    Free In English